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Rental & Repair

Starting off as a small commercial cleaning business, Ace Floor Care & Cleaning has turned into one of the largest commercial cleaning companies in Northeastern Ohio in the last 15 years.   During this time we have acquired a warehouse full of new and used cleaning supplies.janitorial-services-repair

We have recently opened a rental and repair services as part of our growing company.  Below are the details on each one of these services that we offer.

Rental Services 

Ace Floor Care & Cleaning offers a wide variety of residential and commercial cleaning equipment available for rent.  Utilizing commercial cleaning equipment from our company is a much better alternative for those looking to start their own cleaning business or those looking to clean around their home or business.   Here are some of the things that we offer for rent.

  • Auto Scrubbers
  • Buffers
  • Carpet  Extraction Machines
  • Cleaning Chemicals 
  • Stripping Machines


Repair Services

One of the main problems that we have seen in the commercial cleaning business are the repairs that need to be done on high priced equipment.  Not only do these repairs cost money to fix equipment, but also result in down time and loss of money for the business owner.  Over the years we have gone from sending our machines to be repaired, sometimes waiting several weeks for our equipment, to hiring our own repairmen.

Not only can we repair your cleaning device, but we can do it for a much lower price than our competitors and deliver it back to your home or business.    If you are having a problem with your cleaning machine call us at 330-634-9451 to get a free quote and estimated time to fix your machine.