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Ace Floor Care & Cleaning LLC is one of the largest family owned cleaning companies in Northeast Ohio.  Originally starting off as an Akron commercial cleaning company in 2005, we have since expanded to encompass all of Northeastern Ohio and even parts of Western Pennsylvania.   While the bulk of work is commercial cleaning, we have also done extensive work in residential cleaning.   The growth in our cleaning services over the last 10 years has put as one of the most reliable and recognized cleaning companies in Ohio.

We are one of the leaders in among Northeastern Ohio cleaning companies and are fully licensed, insured and bonded.  Here are just some of the areas that we work in.

  • Commercial Cleaning Services
  • Residential Cleaning Services
  • Carpet Cleaning Services
  • Grocery Store Cleaning Services
  • School and Daycare Cleaning Services
  • Construction Cleanup
  • Small businesses Cleaning
  • Apartment Building Cleanouts and Cleaning
  • College dormitories and apartments Cleanout and Cleaning
  • Nursing Home, Medical and Hospital Commercial Cleaning
  • Mold Remediation & Water Damage
  • Emergency Services 24/7

Commercial Cleaning Services

Ace Floor Care & Cleaning was originally built as a commercial cleaning company servicing retail outlets in the Cleveland and Akron Ohio area.   Starting off with a few small chains of stores, we now work with national contractors and have grown to service dozens of retail establishments a month.   Some of our work includes cellular phone chains, sporting good chains, salon chains, hardware stores, auto part stores and a variety of other retail establishments.

We offer a variety of cleaning packages that are customized to whatever the owner needs.   This may include commercial waxing and stripping, daily cleaning or cleaning up after a large construction project.   We will do whatever it takes to make our customers happy.

Residential Cleaning Services

While most of our business is dedicated to commercial cleaning in Ohio,  we have expanded to more residential cleaning services.  Our goal is to provide each of our clients their own friendly “personal maid” on a weekly or monthly basis.   Let’s face it, adding residential cleaning to all of your life’s tasks is something that no busy person really wants to do.   Instead of wasting your valuable time cleaning your own residence,  why not let the premier Akron residential cleaning service,  Ace Floor Care and Cleaning LLC handle your needs.  We not only cater to our clients, but we offer special discounts for those who choose our monthly or weekly packages.   Give us a call today to learn more about what type of home cleaning services that we offer.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Anyone who has lived in Northeastern Ohio for a while knows about how strange and messy our seasons can get.  Very few places in the United States have a climate that can go from 80 degrees and sunny one day and 15 degrees with heavy snowfall the next.  At Ace we have invested in some of the most state of the art carpet cleaning equipment that can possibly be used.   We don’t use the rinky dink “rental”  carpet cleaners that anyone can buy,  but instead we have invested in top of the line cleaning equipment and supplies.   We feel that we can not only compete with any other Akron carpet cleaning services, but we can offer a superior clean and a lower price.

Grocery Store Cleaning Services

Some of the most trafficked retail establishments are grocery stores.   Not only are that, many of these stores stay open 24 hours a day and need constant cleaning, waxing and floor maintenance as Ohio winters bring in plenty of ice, snow, dirt and sludge.   As one of Ohio’s top grocery store cleaning companies, we meet our stores needs by providing service when they want and how often they want, with no questions asked.    As with most highly trafficked retail establishments, many grocery stores require overnight and early morning cleaning services when they have the lowest amount of traffic.   We at Ace Floor Care & Cleaning offer overnight cleaning services that fit these needs.

Construction Clean Up

Working with contractors in various construction industries, one thing that they all have in common is that they hate the cleanup part of their job.  While these men and women have built some of the greatest structures in Ohio, none of them enjoy the entire cleanup that must occur when they are all done.

If you are opening your own business, expanding or just doing a side project, let Ace Floor Care & Cleaning handle the dirty work when it comes to construction cleanup.  We are the closers when it comes to finishing projects and are experts when it comes to making something shine.   Our experienced crew can come in and work hand in hand with your contractors to get your floors and carpets look sparkling new.

School and Daycare Cleaning Services

For those of you with small children, you know how many viruses and germs are spread around each day.  Many of the school cleaning services in the area are lackluster at best as they often have “in house” cleaners that use old school bought products.   Typically the school commercial cleaning services are done by a janitor or handyman at the school who has very little knowledge or access to some of the best cleaning supplies in the business.

At the daycares, preschools and schools that we work in, we clean from floor to ceiling, as this is where many of the germs hide out.  Door knobs, lockers and bathrooms are just a few of the places that germs go to hide at within a school and the result is often many sick children at various times of the year.   At Ace Cleaning, we feel that we can offer school cleaning services that can combat these viruses as our cleaning products are built to destroy all of these germs.

Small Business Cleaning

Unlike many of the franchised cleaning companies in Ohio, we also cater to small businesses.   With cleaning crews spread out throughout Ohio, we are able to provide small business cleaning solutions to almost anywhere in our service area.   If you are someone that owns one pizza shop or are someone that owns 10 muffler shops spread out around Northeastern Ohio, we have the equipment and tools to meet your needs.  If you work in the painting business or are a contractor we can help you clean up in no time. 

Apartment Buildings

We currently offer apartment building cleaning services to a number of Akron, Canton & Cleveland area apartment complexes and this continues to grow as our area grows.   With the expansion of downtown Cleveland, more and more housing units are popping up all over the place.   With the need for housing, the need for cleaning is also on the rise.   Many of these newer apartment buildings often hire maids or in house janitorial services that often end up not being up to snuff.   At Ace we have a full cleaning crew that is able to come in and clean out an apartment at the drop of a hat.  Known as one of the top commercial cleaning Akron companies,  we also specialize in large apartment buildings and high rises too.

College Dormitory and College Apartment Cleaning Services

Being in Akron, Ohio we are centrally located to some of the best colleges in all of the United States.   We are located within 15 minutes from Kent State University, 10 minutes from the University of Akron and less than an hour away from Youngstown State University, Cleveland State and a host of other small college in Ohio.   From working recently at a large apartment near Kent State, we know how dirty college kids can be.    Almost all of the carpets that are in dormitories and student housing need professional commercial cleaning once the students move out each year.  This has become a specialty of ours every summer and we are one of the few college apartment cleaning companies in the area.

We offer a 10% discount for any dormitory, apartment complex or housing development that houses college students.   Besides one time clean outs of college apartments, we also offer monthly and/or weekly cleaning for these buildings.

Nursing Home, Medical and Hospital Commercial Cleaning

Northeastern Ohio is home to some of the best hospitals and nursing facilities in all of the United States.  These facilities require attention to detail when it comes to cleaning services is nursing homes, medical facilities and hospitals.   Because of the clientele that live in these establishments, the need for a clean, germ free facility is a necessity.  The cleaning products that we use on carpets and floors in these industries kills some of the most common bacteria and fungi that like to inhabit these facilities.

At Ace Floor Care & Cleaning we not only provide some of the best commercial cleaning in the Northeast Ohio area, but we only use the highest quality solutions and mixtures to ensure the optimal health of all of the inhabitants of the areas that we clean.

Emergency Cleaning Services 24/7 365 Days a Year

As lifelong residents of Akron, Ohio we have found that hard work, great customer service and giving fast service is the key to a successful commercial cleaning service.  One of the ways we separate ourselves from the competition is offering emergency services 24/7, 365 days a year at no extra cost.  That means that 3 am flooding your may have at your business, Ace Floor Care & Cleaning will be there before your store opens at 8 am to remedy your problem.    This is especially true for those in the Cuyahoga & Summit county area, as we are able to outwork many of the other commercial cleaning Cleveland companies, due to us being the first ones on site.

Mold Remediation & Water Damage Services

After several years as strictly cleaning companies for larger establishments we added mold remediation and water damage services to our list of services.  The problem many of our clients were having is that besides their floors and carpets getting damaged by water, the interior walls and floors were starting to grow black mold and another company was always called in to deal with this issue.

With that in mind,  Ace Floor Care & Cleaning added mold remediation services and not only purchased thousands of dollars of mold remediation equipment, but also trained a large number of our employees on how to detect and extract mold from walls, ceiling, floors and more.  To read more about our Akron mold remediation services that we offer please see our page by clicking here.

Centrally Located

While we are centrally located as an commercial cleaning Akron company, many of our clients encompass the 50-60 mile area that surrounds Akron.   Cleveland, Canton, Medina & Youngstown are just some of the major towns that we cover with the smaller suburbs of these major towns also being part of our route.   For more information about the areas that we cover and what we do, please see the map below and click on the locations that we cover.

Ace Floor Care & Cleaning, LLC, Janitor Service, Tallmadge, OH

About Us

Hi, My name is Todd Brenn and I am the owner of Ace Floor Care & Cleaning LLC. We are happy to be one of the largest commercial cleaning companies in Northeastern Ohio. Give me a call personally if you have any questions about the services that we offer 330-634-9451
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